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Pet Health Care Products

Pets are our companions and our friends. They give a great deal to us and ask little in return — just the love of a caring master who will shelter and protect them, as we do our children. If you’re a pet lover, you may in fact treat your pets like children and even consider them as such.

The relationship between pets and humans appears to be symbiotic. Studies have shown that pets are good for us in numerous ways. Petting an animal is known to lower heart rate and blood pressure and brighten mood. A study found that simply watching fish in an aquarium made patients waiting to undergo medical procedures less anxious.

While the therapeutic aspects of owning a pet may be beneficial, very few of us consciously choose pet ownership for this reason. Pets are most often selected for companionship or, as is the case with dogs, for protection. While we value our pets for what they provide for us, many of us forget that pet ownership carries with it responsibilities. Our pets are dependent upon us to meet their needs; they cannot do this on their own. Pets require proper shelter, feeding and plenty of water and, when ill or injured, medical attention. Pets having fur require grooming. Dogs and cats require quality time spent with their owners at play. Dogs and horses require daily exercise.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 24 September 2003, updated 28 November 2005.

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