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The Pet Parrot & Parrot Care

Tropical birds are becoming increasingly popular as pets. They are intelligent, beautiful, whimsical, creative, energetic and loyal. Exotic birds are in the high speed lane, competing for first place against the long standing dog and cat as the family’s favorite pet. Parrots are so intelligent that they even learn to speak our language. What other pet can do that? If you think a pet parrot is a perfect family addition, think again!

Does a Parrot
Make a Good Pet?

Pet parrots require special considerations regarding environment, food, water, sunlight, cage, toys and family together time. Parrots are not your average pets. They can require several changes to your family routine in order to be healthy and happy. These changes are worth every effort when you reflect on the amazing love, laughter and lifelong happiness they give back in return.

Parrots can live a very long time; with proper care many species live between 50 to 100 years! They are a lifelong pet, family member and friend. The average parrot can reach the mental reasoning of a two- to four-year-old child. They can love you as well as become jealous of time spent with others (animal or human). They can miss you when you leave for work and scream relentlessly while you are gone in protest of your absence. Obviously, not all parrots or tropical birds are suited for apartments, condos or closely-built housing.

Parrots are amazingly intelligent. They can even be potty trained to go in designated areas or when asked. Their intelligence often begets trouble, as they can figure escape routes out of almost anything, including their own cage. Parrots can learn to talk, sing and recite phrases. Parrots can also learn to “tell the truth” as they know it. Spouses have been caught cheating after the family parrot mimics a new name or phrase that didn’t add up. Sadly, parrots can also learn to say bad things if they frequently hear them from family members.

Parrot Care — Keep Your Parrot Healthy and Happy

Parrots have species specific dietary needs. They require nuts, seeds, pellets, fresh fruit and vegetables to eat, preferably organic as the pesticides used during farming are extremely toxic to birds. Tropical birds and parrots need non-chlorinated fresh water to drink. They are a flock species that carry out most routine daily activities together. This means your bird will want to eat, watch TV, dance and even sing with you. If you are eating unhealthy foods, your bird will also want to eat unhealthy foods. This can lead to severe illness and possibly death. Knowing this, you would want to choose healthy foods for yourself and your parrot to eat daily. Having a parrot around can be highly beneficial in developing healthy eating habits.

Parrots and tropical birds require special lighting to stay healthy and happy. A full spectrum avian light can help your bird utilize various vitamins needed to stay healthy. The lighting also plays an important role in keeping your bird mentally happy.

Parrots and tropical birds require lots of toys to keep their highly intelligent minds working in positive ways. Birds can become very destructive when life becomes boring. You should always keep at least two toys in your bird’s cage at all times. A good suggestion would be to rotate or add new toys in every few weeks to decrease boredom. Birds that are bored develop bad habits such as screaming and feather plucking. Feather plucking can lead to self-mutilation in which the bird actually tears holes in its skin; this condition, if not caught immediately, is fatal in most cases.

Sleep is vital to your bird’s well-being. Most species need 10 to 12 hours of sleep each night. To accomplish this, they must be in a room that is quiet and dark for that amount of time. Typically, parrots do well on a reasonable family schedule. Late night families with early risers need to make special arrangements for their bird. Some busy families have used the two-cage method successfully. To do this, you can provide a large day cage in the main living area during waking hours and a smaller sleep cage in a den or quiet room for sleeping hours.

Possibly the most important of all requirements is together time. This is when you and your bird will bond, share, play and enjoy each other. It is the best part of sharing your life with a bird. The love they give you is immeasurable! Birds are a flock species and need time with the family. They are incredibly bonded to you and show it with their unconditional love and devotion. It has been noted that birds will even die protecting their humans from harm. With the loyalty of a dog, the life span of a human and an intelligence level that surpasses most expectations, parrots make an amazing family addition.

How Can I Find a Pet Parrot?

If you think a parrot might be right for you, please research your decision carefully and visit our website for more information. We have several beautiful, loving and intelligent birds waiting for the chance to become part of your family and find their forever home, as do other parrot rescues and sanctuaries. Please open your heart to adopting one of these precious babies instead of supporting the mass marketing birdie mills and pet stores.

Authored by Karen Williams, Promotions and Publicity Director, Feathered Friends Forever, Harlem, Georgia.
Original article published 31 January 2007, copyright Ten Spider Enterprises, LLC, & Karen Williams.

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